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Building your own home is one of the ways to secure your future but this is very hard to achieve and realize because of the cost. Building in itself is a huge project so you can’t really blame them would you? Land developers, builders have also made it worse because they come up with outrageous and unrealistic cost that defines building as something that is exclusive for the rich. The question is, can this cost be reduced or spread in such a manner that everyone who desires can achieve his or her dreams.

Granted in cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt etc.  Estate Developer are trying to achieve this dream but are they really doing that, the answer is NO because they still build for the rich alone. Government has even come up with mortgageplans to enable civil servants own their houses, but how many of the workers are really benefitting from this  scheme or even know how to benefit from it I will say not many of them, though I might be wrong.

For instance, a Civil servant who earn a paltry sum let say for instance those in Level one to eightas a take home still have some deductions like pension, health, tax and including the deductions for housing is meant to still pay rent, why is he or she not staying in the very house she is paying for, and by so doing ease the burden of cost of rent. And I ask if this measure is really geared towards achieving housing for the civil servants by the government or not I might be wrong maybe I need to be enlighten more on this

Now how many Estate Developers build for the poor and middle class none that I really know.  I got intoxicated with the whole issue because I have seen the retired public servants retire into poverty and die off like that, It grieves my mind because I will rather have loved to see them settle into their own simple homes and die a natural death, I long to see the working lower class and medium class settle into their own simple homes rather than been pursued about by greedy landlords.

Now if we can have builders assisting the middle and lower class provide their own one, two bedroom and self-contained apartments 80% of Nigerians will be free from the unending burden of house rents in some time to come.

That is what we are going to treat for some time in properties.  How to secure and own an affordable property. This is going to be discussed by consultants in this business who their contacts will be made available if you will want to meet with them and achieve this desire. Watch out for the series, don’t miss any of itbecause it’s going to be explosive.


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