Food Preparation

Food is one of the essential part of human existence, eating for survival and maintenance of our body in life. Every race and culture sustains their body through food.  Food has also being used to identify the traditionof different race and culture.  The process of food preparation is seen as a good art and a talent to me that is why some people have a great passion for cooking.

Have you ever wondered why same type of food can be prepared in different ways with different taste and also give different nutrient in the body that is where the art and style comes into your play?  So we should not just prepare a food to satisfy our hunger pangs but to attain all the above mentioned reasons. Food preparation to me is compared to a work of art which the artist puts in a lot of time and energy to produce and in producing the finished work of art, he or she looks at it and admires his work and puts it up for people to admire or buy.

This is also the way the act of food preparation should be, one should always put the taste, nutrients value, hygiene, appearanceand presentation in mind. The way people salivate over a food, the manner people enjoy your food speaks for your work. No wonder, Africans especially Nigerians believes that good food is a way to a man’s heart meaning that every wife should be a good cook but it’s well known that most women in this generation lacks this art that’s a topic for another day.

Do you know you can receive inspirations to prepare different delicacies and it comes out beautifully and great?I have heard some Christians say that good food are inspired by the Holy Spirit, could that be true?Why others argue that is passed on to them by their parents and culture whichever way let it be done to satisfy the taste of those who are eating.  It is also a common knowledge that food preparation is an art for women as such men who do this are greatly admired and encouraged but I seem to disagree with this based on the fact that if food preparation is all that I have described above, it means that it is not gender based because art and talent are not gender based neither is inspiration, no wonder the best chefs in the world are men. Another topic for another day.

Let us all learn to be creative in food preparation  bearing in mind all the necessities required in the process of  food preparation whether we are preparing for others or for ourselves we should put in a lot of work with extreme carefulness.  Good luck to you as you begin to change your mentality about preparing good, tasty and decent meals against the garbage we eat these days.

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