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As a follow up to the earlier post, I came into Lagos in 2014 and my love for investment and properties made me to partner with some real estate companies, to purchase a number of landed properties that are both developed and un-developed in gated estates.  The investment looks quite cumbersome then but am glad I made the decision to invest, today the outcome is mouthwatering.

The beautiful thing is that the differential cost of the lands from 2014 to 2018 is mind boggling just a difference of four years.  Imagine what will happen when it stays further. For doubts I will like to list out some landed properties in Lagos and in Port Harcourt, its cost within the period of four years comparatively.

For instance let us see the differential cost analysis of these lands between the year 2014 and the year 2018 in these areas.


Property/Land Cost in 2014


Cost in 2018


1. 1 Terrace Building in LGEP 4(Carcass)



2. 1 plot of land at Ibeju Lekki (gated estate)




1 plot at Ogombo HOD (gated estate)



4. 1 plot at Iguruta Port Harcourt (2009)



5. 1 plot at Ozuoba Port Harcourt                        2,200,000


From the table above we can notice that the properties appreciated progressively, and that some parts appreciated better than others but in all the rate at which they appreciated is commendable

Another case study is the prestigious Oniru Royal Estate which is in a classified part of Victoria Island and Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos which used to be Maroko, sold at a very low price of about N100.000 to N150,000 (Naira) back in the early 90”s but presently  worth’s millions of Naira today.  Needless to say that those who were smart enough to buy enough landed properties back then are now multi-millionaires.

Another case is the prestigious Ikoyi axis that was bought by one of my neighbors from government as a civil servant, during the monetization era year’s back for a paltry sum but was sold in recent times for 200,000,000 million Naira to an estate development company. Your guess is as good as mine as you add and subtract the figures.

So the simplest way to make a good land/property investments is simple, just buy from undeveloped area because you will be sitting on a gold mine without knowing it.


  • They are relatively cheap compared to the developed areas and so it is quite affordable.
  • When it eventually appreciates which does not really take much of a time you sell and make lots of profit.
  • There is availability of land so you can buy as much as you want since it is still a virgin environment
  • Since you are part of the pathfinders of the area, if you put your eyes down you will see other investments related to land that you can do or even be a part of the people that will connect, re-sell to new buyers.

So why do we make unnecessary investments on depreciable assets which losses it value as soon as it is purchased like a car, incessant holidaying abroad rather than securing and stabilizing your future with good investments.

You might not have so much to begin with but you need to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Begin a savings culture and find a real estate company today to invest on landed properties. Invest on the plan that suits your income, I also know of a real estate company that runs a network marketing on landed properties that is workable.

“Follow the tide, the ship called ‘HAD I KNOWN’ sailed a long time ago”.

Thank you

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