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Most of us never dream’t of being shareholders in any business but Sairui mall will make you one

When my family moved to Lagos I had to resign from my work because of the transfer. I decided to have a leave from work for a whole year since I never had a complete one during my years of work. Lagos being a new and rowdy town, I could not blend in immediately. That apart, we decided that it is not right for both of us to be paid workers leaving the house very early in the morning to join the hustle and bustle of the Lagos city life and return late hours with the same traffic condition. The gory stories of what children go through, in the hands of nannies, house helps, care givers and neighbors  did not help matters so that began my story as a stay at home Mum and Wife.  That sounds archaic right but it later became the best decision we made.

But the major problem was that I had never been financially dependent on anyone since I left school. I felt that everyone has the right to a source of income no matter how small especially for married couples. Despite the fact that Oga lived up to his responsibilities, I still felt incomplete, unfulfilled and that my potentials were not enhanced. So my search for ways to make income from home began but it was not an easy journey because I did a lot of research while some of what I saw paid off, some did not pay. But in all I wanted a steady source of income as most of the businesses I did brought in funds once in a while.

I stumbled on a lot of networking businesses, yes networking you heard me right, boy did I lose money sure I did, some of them ended even before it began. But through all my reading and searches business gurus, advisors and investors all over the world believed that leveraging is one of the trusted ways to grow any kind of business so I knew networking was my best bet.  You and I know that networking business is all about leveraging even though majority of us would not hear of it. I refused to give up networking business I kept searching for a good one while I combined it with other side businesses I was doing.  And so one day my sister introduced me to this networking business that colored my life and boomed my financial story for life.

Dear friends and acquaintances it is my pleasure to introduce you to this great e-commerce commodity business called Sairui mall.  It is a commodity business that affords you a lot of liberty, financial assurance and satisfaction. Most of us never dream’t of being shareholders in any business but Sairui mall will make you one the moment you sign up and guess what you are a shop owner for life.  May I also shock you, referrals are not compulsory but it will help your business grow faster; the companies sells the commodities for you and pay your profit every 10 days through your bank account. 

Before I became a member I did my verification well to know if they are duly registered in Nigeria and yes they are registered with CAC, EFCC, and pay their tax here in Nigeria and that assured me that this was not a scam.  I am effortlessly earning more than I have ever earned all through my years of service as a banker, You too can do this whether you are a student, employed, stay at home Mum, business owner because having streams of income never hurts.  This is a golden opportunity that is still hidden from many why not find out more about this and if I may shock you further even Covid 19 did not stop my earnings, is this not wonderful? A lot of sweet stay at home mum’s that I have had to introduce to this business are grateful till date that I did, you will need to hear their success stories someday. Online business is the next big thing. Join me now and color you life.  For more inquiries call 08033427467.   Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, time is ticking, SAIRUI MALL THE GAME CHANGER!! COLOR YOUR LIFE!!

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