Should Style and Trend determine our fashion?

Google defined fashion as “a popular style or practices especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, make up, hairstyle and body or a distinctive and often constant trend in the style which a person dress.

This means that there is a thin line between trend and style but they are definitely interwoven. Another definition in Google says that trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing while style is a particular procedure by which something is done, a manner, a design or make in a particular form.  This means that trend evolves while style is made in particular way at a time but can be changed by trending at another time.

For instance, most of 90’s fashion or style are trending now like the leather jackets, dungarees, denim skirts/jackets, crop tops, high waist jeans as against the short flap pants which  where trending some time ago.  I think trendy makes the old style better to suit the time.

Back in the days it was all natural and African hairstyles for our women, but fashion brought in artificial hair extensions made of synthetic materials, from synthetic materials to human hair.  But am glad our women are going back to all natural in their hairstyle though trend has been giving it a better look than what it used to be back in the days.

But the basic question to ask here is should we follow style and trend all the time in choosing our fashion.  It is imperative to decide, because fashion kind of defines you to an extent.  I will rather suggest that we go with what works for us.   For instance some look better wearing 80’s and 90’s hairstyle look while some look good in present day trending hairstyle look.  It’s all about who you are.  Find out what works for you because fashion is about what gives you comfort, confidence and it has to be friendly to your pocket.

There are certain fashion style I will never be found rocking whether it is trending or not, like wearing a short flap low pants or jeans that will show part of my bums or a crop top. Not because they don’t look nice on those who wear it but because it won’t look nice on me and will not fit my personality.

 It is laughable when I see some ladies rocking very high heeled shoes but cannot walk on them.  They look quite funny and embarrassing in them and yet they are the ones that have chosen to turn themselves into clowns in the name of trending fashion styles. So whatever style of fashion that is trending ask yourself if you will be comfortable, confident, it will be pocket friendly and whether it fits your personality before you wear it.  Do not just wear it because it’s trending and in vogue you might end up looking drab and becoming a fashion faux pas.

Since the main reason for fashion, style and trend is to look good and modern let us not over exaggerate any style that is trending.  If you cannot afford the Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian weaves you can go for braids or carry your natural hairstyle. In fact there are a lot of natural hairstyles for African women that looks so great and nice. So look good, look nice, be confident and comfortable in your looks that’s all that matters.

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