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If only we know that someday that heartbreak will be forgotten and details elusive we might not have to cry us river, when that insignificant other walks away from our life. Little by little memories of them fades away living you with just tiny bits of what it used to be. My thoughts, when they walk away “that’s just how it was meant to be” I mean designed way back by destiny. Compare your life five years down the line when you were with them and now am sure you are nodding your head in thanksgiving to God who didn’t just butter your bread but put a toast on it. Wonder why I call them the insignificant other, because that’s who they will be when you realize yourself.
Yes it is very hard at the beginning, you cry and count the wasted years, emotional involvement and attachment. You want to know where you went wrong, what your mistakes where, you keep asking yourself why whatever your crime was. could not be forgiven. Why you are so wrong, why your village people are fighting your destiny, my dear take a chill pill the only reason why he or she left was because you are so so good for him or her that he or she can’t deal. What do they say again? A queen is deserving for a king and vice versa. “When people say they can’t see anything good in you hug them and say ‘Life is difficult for the blind’ (Motivational stories)
So hang on, don’t commit that suicide yet, don’t get into depression mode yet, don’t give up on love yet the best of them is yet to come. Invest time in self-love dearie, do not hit yourself up yet true love finds the one the heart wants cause at the end you will love the one you ought to love and only then will you realize that love is a beautiful thing that comes with a total package.
For all those who are heart broken, dust your feet, love yourself, get the lesson and move on cause some people come in your life as a blessing while some others come into your life as a lesson. And so Trust me it always end in praise because Oluwa got your back big time. #self-love#.

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