Text- Psalm 145-15, Isaiah 40-31

The time of waiting is also a time when people patience are weighed, if it is a price no one will ever wish to have it and if it is a commodity no one will ever wish to purchase it . What then is waiting? Waiting isthe action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or event, not that of the action or occupation of working as a waiter or waitress

The act of waiting makes the mind tensed and depressing almost all the time and of course worry becomes the end product. In my own opinion the world would have been a boring place if we do not have to wait, think about it. Just check out this scenario, you grow up and you already know how and when you will go to school, the grades you will graduate with at all levels, where you will work or the kind of business you will engage in, who your spouse will be and when you will get married and how marriage life will play out etc., because you already know, the excitement will not be there anymore.

Imagine the joy and excitement that comes when the waiting it’s over and all suspense gone that happens because you had to wait.  But I think we have to wait because whatever we are waiting for is going through a process by God at the time of waiting. Why is this so, you might ask, I also think that God knows when the time is not right, either you are not ready and matured for what you are waiting for even though you might feel you are, therefore somethings have to go through a process to make it better and enjoyable for you .Jeremiah 18,The prohet Jeremiah was sent to the school of waiting in the potters house, remerber it takes a lot of time for the pot to become as beautiful as you see it before you buy no one wants an ugly pot. Romans 8-25,Habakuk 2-3

Thinking of creation God would have created all things in one day in his infinite wisdom but the gynecology of creation tells us that creation was done sequentially not at the same time, but when God deemed it necessary and fit. So he brought out a perfect creation that is unmatchable till date even with all the science in the world.

Have we ever pondered what God thoughtsare while wewait for a particular miracle, desire or gift to manifest simply put, I think that God is just fashioning it to perfection that is getting it ready at the right timing and beautifying it not to have imitations or copied by man.  Unfortunately at the time of waiting impatience, doubt and fear are what we feel and instead of praising Him for fashioning a good work for us we complain and whine away.  Just think of this which of us will like to put on a dress that is ill-fashioned and out of shape.

There is something we must all know and that is that God is always perfecting our desire to fit into His will for us.  If his will is the right way to go then we should ask for the grace to keep waiting and trusting knowing that he will bring those desires to come to pass in a way you never and will ever imagine, that is why he is the awesome and incomparable God.  The only Wise and Knowledgeable God, the Refiner, the Purifier, the Potter, the Way Maker and the Miracle Working God.

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