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Land is the only investment that appreciates and never stops appreciating.  Right from the beginning of time humanity has been known to constantly deal in landed properties and this is one business that is as old as the earth. As a single girl I had some money saved and would have really loved to invest it in landed properties but I was constantly discouraged, aside from being a young/single girl, there was this other tale of being duped and all. Since I did not know who to trust in such matter I let such a good investment slide. How rich I would have been now if I had taken a plunge. Thankfully, today a good number of real estate companies have emerged in recent times which has turned many into Landlords and Landladies. This makes the sales, buying, building and ownership of properties very easy. Since this has turned out to be one of the best investments at all times, do not let the train leave you and as you want to join the train it is best to buy through a genuine real estate company. I am sure you will have no regrets.


Most times people are scared of getting duped during land purchase or lease as bad as this may sound, it is so true so much that you wish not to be a victim.  We once purchased a land opposite Mobil estate in Lagos being that it is already developed with beautiful estates scattered all around. We decided to build our residential house there.  Guess what, it never came to lime-light because two factions of Omo Onile (Land grabbers) was fighting over who to collect the money meant for the community; even though we have given them up to N600,000(Six Hundred Thousand  naira) through the Lawyer we were not still allowed to build nor enter the land until the conflict was over.  The Omo Onile was renting out the space for a makeshift wooden plank house known as (batcher) in Nigeria  and enriching their pockets, this seems not to be ending in near future, so we took a decision to quickly re-sale the land to an estate development company. After the sales, luckily we made some profit out of it. So I learnt not to purchase landed properties in Lagos in areas were Omo Onile is involved and this experience took me in search of reputable companies that we can deal with on properties without these headaches.

These are my findings in dealing with a Real Estate Company:

  • They have a face and a point of contact which is their office.
  • They provide vehicles for inspection to their various landed properties given you variety of choices rather than allowing Omo Onile or agents take you on a merry go round at your own cost which is quite annoying and expensive I must say.
  • They take the nightmares of dealing with land middlemen and land grabbers (Omo Onile in Lagos) off from you so you are free from the fear of making payment to imposers, who will not only collect money for the land but will make impossible demands and probably re-sell your land; while the land touts in Port Harcourt will also collect money for drinking money, matching ground, and so on and so forth and will top it up by inviting their local government brothers to cap up what they have finished my Port Harcourt people can connect.
  • This land and properties comes with valid documentations which comprises mainly of , survey plan, Government excision, Gazette, C of O, and deed of assignment
  • The land has already being charted and there is a gazette for it, so you are free from the fear of demolition.
  • They have a flexible payment plan that suits all and sundry, you can decide to pay for the land by installments or out-right buy. A good number of them can spread the payment to suit your income like mortgage.
  • They acquire underdeveloped areas which are quite cheap and give you their professional ideas on how fast the area will develop having contacts inside Government, and before you know it the area turns into a mega city.
  • Most of the lands are in gated estates so you do not have to deal with any encumbrances from community and land touts, when you are ready to develop your property. That is if the company does not undertake to build properties for the clients.
  • The lands are all well mapped out with beacons and in case of any confusion it could be easily resolved in their office since there are documentations.
  • Payments are not made to individuals who can disappear but to a registered company.
  • Some of them have buy back policies meaning they can buy back the land from you at higher rate if and when you want to sell and does not have a buyer.

So today, I know that there are smart ladies and guys thinking of a good investment to go into just like I did some years ago, think no further, start investing in landed properties.  Buy as many as your money can afford, especially in upcoming areas that are relatively cheap.  Buy to build and to re-sell in future when the price appreciates.  If you do not know of any good real estate company to invest in holler at me and I will introduce you to a tested and trusted ones.  I will be too glad to do that at no cost.

We love reading your comments and contributions, we will be glad to answer your questions ASAP.  So please follow our website to read our next post on this topic (How to make good land / property investments).

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    • You are very correct that is why we will be happy if all questions are channeled to us for step to step guide to the right direction

  • A quick advise to your management. Go to Nnewi now and create your awareness. A developing town with ownership of land as a culture of the people.

    • You are very right Sir we are currently working on some virgin areas and Nnewi is a major city that may really be considered. Thank you for this advise we do appreciate it

  • I believe and commend it is a great initiative put together by your team. However, Trying to solve the issue of trust and reliability of credited companies to its customers. I would like to further ask, if am interested to but a land, what are your prices, locations and terms of payment, thank you.

    • Thanks Chinonso for your contributions and observations, we have properties in different states and locations
      but we will need to discuss with you personally on this, I will be sending you the available properties but we
      have to know your budget to enable us determine what suits you thanks