Women arise

Sometime ago in my neighbourhood, my neighbour’s daughter in her early twenties and some of her teenage siblings had a birthday party with the approval of their mother who stays with them when their father is away at work in another town.  The party started in the evening but was supposed to end around 10pm but lasted till the early hours of the morning.  That alone was not my problem but the code of dressing for the girls and the boys which were so skimpy, scanty and indecent. Not only were they so indecently dressed, there was a free flow of different kinds of exotic alcohols, boys and girls intimately coupling themselves at every corner of the compound.

Another thing that got me worried was the age of some of the invitees who were men old enough to be the celebrant’s father who are of course not friends of their father who was also not around. The next morning I was moved to tell the mother that her children were far too young to organise that kind of party, especially in a compound where there are under aged children who saw half dressed girls and boys touching each other intimately.  But I lost my courage on seeing how impressed their mother was with the party and with the kind of rich friends her children keeps.  I am not trying to be judgemental or sanctimonious but when I remember what birthday parties where like in our days I felt that today’s mothers and women have completely lost it.  Such parties in my days were normally done under the watchful eyes of your parents who will not allow alcohol, cigarettes, sugar daddies, coupling and for God sake not at night; that is if you are lucky to have parents that will allow a party at all. I felt so guilty for not being able to speak up and even guiltier when I read this post.

“She moves without fear, speaks with conviction, Love without conditions.  You can call her QUEEN”

I was inspired by the above post by my friend Nnenna Branch of course the above quote refers to no other than a woman.  What a woman, if all women were to be like her the world will be a better place.  The more I go through the quote the more I am filled with joy not just because she is called a Queen, but because there are lots of strength deposited in her.

The bible calls her “Virtuous” because her price is far above rubies.  God had taken time to package the vessel called woman and made her worth so high.  This is because inside this vessel lies strength, confidence, honour, beauty, love, wisdom, riches, compassion, kindness, generosity etc. That is why the bible says that a man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from the Lord.

 As I write this what keeps echoing in my mind is where are these virtues in today’s, women.  I know that the Lord has designed women to be home and nation builders not breakers, have we forgotten our place in the home, society, church, politics, office, neighbourhood, community or wherever we are called to serve and minister.  Do we not know that being a woman is a ministry and as such a lot has being placed in our hands, are we fulfilling our ministry or are our God given gifts lying dormant in our hands?  Are we using our strength to make or mar? Are you waiting to be coupled to fulfil you ministry? wait no longer for there are uncountable generations found in you already.

When I look at the world today I see decadence and destruction and I wonder how we got to this point , I ask myself the questions so many of us reading this would be asking right now, who gave birth to the, insurgents, militants, rapist, prostitutes, drug addicts, cultist, perverts, paedophiles, kidnappers, indecent dressers, ritual murderers etc. They were our children and they had great destinies that were marred and they became monsters.  Women we have left our farms unattended and weeds have taken over.

Arise Virtuous Woman, the clarion call is ringing put on you armour of inner strength lets fight the monsters around us they are products of little carelessness and worldly desires.  It is time to go back to God in prayer, to ask for grace to become who we are called to be.  To stop chasing after vanities and go back to our moral instructions and family quiet time.  The world lies on our shoulders, do not turn a blind eye to the evil you see around you, pray for your children and the children of this world, pray for our nation and the world at large. Make the world a better place and God will strengthen your ministry.


Please lets have your comments and contribution.  God Bless You All.

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