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Starting up a business or making an investment must be part of your 2020 PDP (Personal Development Plan). No matter how profitable your full-time job may be

Happy New year to you all my readers, welcome to 2020 a unique year to start doing unique things. You have a whole 365 days ahead of you the acronym “I will start next year ” ended with 2019, next year is now, so why don’t you start something meaningful today. Think business think investment

Starting up a business or making an investment must be part of your 2020 PDP (Personal Development Plan). No matter how profitable your full-time job may be, having a passive income or streams of income is the best plan for a stable future after retirement or even when your work place gives you a redundant or retrenchment letter. It also brings a kind of fulfillment for one to do something for oneself though it requires too much sacrifice, but it is quite rewarding and fulfilling at the end.

We all know that the simplest meaning of business is an organized effort and activities of individuals to produces and sell goods/services for profit making while investment is the process of investing money for profit .

Safe investment? Think S SAIRUI E-COMMERCE . Trade every ten days and watch your money grow. Become a shareholder. It is legit and license to operate in Nigeria by it’s not a Ponzi scheme. Hurry DM/WhatsApp this No 08033427467, for more inquiries

So if starting up a business or making an investment is not part of your PDP it is not late to begin now or you probably have one or two business ideas, you can start working on it right now.  Procrastination is dangerous

How to Begin            

  • Get a diary, list out some businesses that are related to your interest and available time
  • Look  for  someone experienced in this line of business/investment to train, advise and mentor you
  • Do a feasibility study/market research
  • List out ways to source funds to begin. these are few ways you can source funds.
    • Savings
    • Support from family and friends
    • Partnership with a trusted ally
    • Crowd funding
    • Customers and suppliers
    • Write a business plan

But please do not begin with bank loans rather begin with a low budget or low funded business and gradually grow your business. Being risk averse is always the best policy.

Finally, honestly pray to God for guidance and direction, believe and launch out with faith.

Here are some business/investment ideas that can guide you to begin.

  1. Network Marketing it works all you need is diligence
  2. Online coaching and teaching
  3. Home tutors and part time teaching
  4. Interior designs and decorations
  5. Property management and Real Estate consultancy
  6. Photography
  7. Event and Party Planning
  8. Rental Business
  9. Car Rental Business
  10. Courier and Delivery Services
  11. Cargo and Haulage Services
  12. Catering Services
  13. Daily Savings, Ajo, Esusu or thrift collection
  14. DJ/MC Services
  15. Tailoring and Fashion Design
  16. Shoe /Bag Making
  17. Buying/Selling of different commodities
  18.  Home/Office Cleaning Services
  19.  Hair sells, Wig making/treatment
  20. Making of Organic creams and soaps
  21. Making of throw pillows, bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet
  22. Laundry services
  23. Neighborhood shops
  24.  Generator Rental Services
  25. Supply of goods and services
  26. Baking and coaching people on baking
  27. Motivational speaker
  28. Selling of second hand or fairly used clothing
  29. Selling of handmade clothing
  30.  Make over and gele tying Services
  31. Recycling
  32. Hair salon services
  33. Network Marketing
  34. Investing in, money markets, treasury bills, fixed deposits (these are low risk investments)
  35.  Supply services
  36.  Add yours

THANK YOU,  Questions and Answers, Contributions. 

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