Season of endorsement & declaring Political intention (The Nigerian Youths and Politics)

We are in the season of endorsement & declaring for political intentions. The opportunity has come for the Nigerian youths to be part of the Nigerian governance has presented itself again because 2019 is around the corner.  

But how ready are they for this challenge? You should by now refuse to be called the Leaders of tomorrow and be baptized as the leaders of today.  When exactly will the tomorrow of the youths of Nigerian supposed to come, when they have all ran out of prevailing ideologies found in their time.  The last time I checked our fathers who are now great grand fathers are still they leaders of today even with their mundane and outdated ideologies.  In fact some of them have become political dinosaurs and yet we laud and praise them in their incompliance and incompetence’s to modernization.

But can we really fault and blame them knowing fully well that the youths of Nigeria have relegated themselves to where they want them to be.  I watched with dismay as youths were being used to do all manner of things that will jeopardize a free and fair electioneering process, from dancing and singing in campaign riddled with lies and deceits, to fighting and killing, buying of voters cards, stealing of ballot boxes, falsifying voting sheets all for just a pittance etc. I ask how can this youths claim to be ready.  Many of the youths who have managed their way into somepolitical leadership positions in the country are so not ready that they have no purpose for service neither have they ideologies and framework for a better Nigeria.  So tell me how possible it is for this crop of people to take out criminal minded political dinosaurs, are the youths not still products of these old politicians.

Granted there are limiting factors, such as inability of the youths to hold any meaningful positions in the leadership of the various political parties in Nigeria, inability to make relevant contributions in the decision making of the political parties and lastly lack of financial strength to match the old politician. The youths are only used to cause mayhem and play their dirty games.  How long will they continue to eat out of Jacobs’s pot of porridge and douse in their mediocrity out of gluttony.

The Nigerian youth must know that they possess a powerful tool which is their numerical strength, good health and compliance to modern day facilities and what is obtainable in the world today coupled with abilities for functionality which the present leaders lack.  If a party formed by the youth and their ideologies are also  supported and voted into power by the youths the present leaders will take a backstage because the youths are the ones with numerical strength during voting.

In the developed world, youths have taken the realm of power and are doing well. Look at France, America, Canada just to mention a few. These countries have realized that the work required for leadership is enormous as such will require the strength, modern aware and knowledge of a youth to be managed successfully. Why are we copying these countries in other things and not the most important things? Why are we recycling people that we read of pre-independence?

In as much as the social media is a great tool in changing the ideologies of the world the youths must endeavor to move a step forward by bringing these ideologies into motion.  Let’s stop abusing, fighting and cursing out ourselves in the social media in the name of politics and think that’s our only contribution to politics in Nigeria. Social media politics alone will not take us where we want to be we need to move a step further, believe in ourselves and abilities that we have the pedigree to make this country a better place and use the social media as a tool to push for our position.

The time is now not tomorrow, our leadership is today not when we are gone. This is a clarion call to all the youths of Nigeria to come together regardless of tribe, creed, profession, party affiliation etc. to make Nigeria great.

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