Introduction to Relationship

In my own definition, relationship can be a state of being connected, association, or involvement with another person be it a man or a woman.  It could also be a kind of interaction with family, spouse, friends, colleagues and neighbors etc.

Most times when we hear of relationship we only think of, friends, lovers, marriage and family but it goes beyond that because you also have relationship with your neighbors and staff members who are not your lovers, friends, spouse or family.

Relationship can be toxic or healthy but the most important thing is how it makes you feel and who you have become with it.  While a healthy relationship will make you a better person, a toxic relationship will mar you and retrogress you.  It is important for us to know who we are or what we want out of any relationship before going into it, in order to maximize the usefulness of such relationship. Be sure not to enter any relationship just to be occupied or please anyone but yourself.

So many destiny’s has been destroyed by toxic and bad relationships while so many destiny’s has been fulfilled by healthy relationships. You are the one in charge of your life and should know when a relationship suits you.  Even though the society and culture has a great influence and plays a major role in your relationship you should be able to know what makes you happy and have a defining point or where to draw the line.

Healthy relationships are what everyone desires but the question is whether you are contributing positively in any relationships you find yourself, be it in your office, home, family and neighborhood etc. Also be careful not to meddle into other people relationships rather your involvement should help to build relationships.  What this means is that character is a very essential factor in oiling a relationship although it is two ways as relationship can also help mold your character for better or for worse.  So earnestly seek for the relationship you find yourself in to improve your character positively.

However whether we desire a relationship or not we must always find ourselves in one by association as long as you live and walk on the surface of this earth. As such it is necessary for one to model his or her character towards positive and healthy relationships at all times.  At least strive to impact positively in your relationships so as to make the world a better place and thereby live your life to the fullest.

Many people have been in either a healthy or toxic relationship or in both of them.  If you have experienced any of these two or either of them, please share your experience with us and how it affected you positively or negatively here so that we can also learn from it as we progress in this topic.

Kindly drop your questions and comments.

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