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The New Crop of Christian Believers

Therefore my question is, are we recruiting for heavenly candidates or numerical cum financial increase?

I am glad to be writing again after a long absence; reasons are that I was so affected by the number of deaths of close friends and family members, being witnessed towards the end of last year and early part of this year but I am thankful to God that am gradually coming out of it. I apologize to you all.  The turbulent event the world has been bedeviled with in these times is better imagined than witnessed.  At some points it is difficult to keep one’s acts together with the news of deaths, health challenges and pronounced evil going around the world. We are still here not by our power but by Gods grace.  To the survivors is by His grace and to everyone who has lost their loved ones this is my heart going out to you, may God heal and console us all?

Now these events have given me deep thoughts about my Christian faith just the same way that other spiritual people will consider their religion and faith. Is it not high time our lives began to reflect on our belief system, and not according to doctrines or selfish judgment of men? This brings me to a story I heard recently and I wondered why some pastors have decided to make a mockery of the Christian faith. I am not one to prey on religious leaders as commonly seen nowadays. But as a Christian it is totally wrong to overlook any appearances of evil in the name of serving or working for God, and pretend that it does not concern nor matter at all.

Evangelism/soul winning

 Recently a friend who works in a branch of one of our big churches lamented painfully how their pastor chased away from service, church workers who have not brought new converts to the church. I refused to use the word soul winning because member recruitment is a kind of networking and it’s entirely different soul winning.  Therefore my question is, are we recruiting for heavenly candidates or numerical cum financial increase? Is Christ still the owner of the church? So this Sister who works as a staff in the church was told that she cannot enter the church service until she comes with her new convert. For clarity purpose, soul winning simple put means, winning a person for Christ or evangelizing Christ and getting an unbeliever to accept that Jesus is the way and he or she decides to follow Christ and become one with him.  The bible did not at any time state that when this is done, that the new convert must follow the evangelist or sister or brother to his church.  The underlining fact here is that a soul has been won for Christ and heaven rejoices and as far as I know the work of conviction lies with the Holy Spirit.  (John 16:8). The Spirit of God convicts us when we sin and drives us to repentance and then we ask for forgiveness.

Yes you might argue that the new convert should not forsake the gathering of the brethren, yes I agree but it is not compulsory that he or she must attend the church that the person who converted him or her to Christ attends.  This means that you do not expect that every soul you win must come to your church with you. However the duty lies on you as a Christian to follow and nourish your new convert until he or she becomes a matured and useful tool in kingdom matters.

So I ask again should winning new souls to the body of Christ become a prerequisite for entering into the house of God or better put attending church service. The bible clearly defines that it is the Holy Ghost that actually does the work of conviction while humans are the tools used to convey the message. Our burning desire should be that the Holy Spirit should help us with messages, bible passages and lifestyles that will convict and convert unbelievers to the body of Christ for it will be counted for us as work of righteousness on the last day.

Please I need your opinion on this seeing that some of the Pastors and Church workers still need to be convicted and converted to Christ since Church attendance and titles do not qualify anyone as a true believer.

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