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God is a righteous judge He judges righteously therefore he cannot fight for us and not chastise us when we go astray

 I want to implore everyone to read this message and take it seriously because it is not business as usual, rather God is beginning to overturn the churches in the world and He is raising an army of those who will worship him in righteousness and truth.  if those who call upon the name of God do not depart from iniquity and unrighteousness He will spew them out, including our mighty General overseers, Reverends, Prophets, Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists etc, no one is spared.  God is sounding a warning to Nigerians especially Christians to stand in righteousness. We have for some time now chosen to serve God in a way that suits us as if we are thespians acting out our roles in a theatre or movie. The truth is that God is real and His anger is real.

We have debased the efficacy of grace and mercy so much that we do not understand the meaning anymore. There have been revelations from Christians that are similar and pointing to the wrath of God coming upon Nigerian Christians and their leaders, but we have always consoled ourselves with the fact that God is merciful. But God is saying that we ask for mercy with our lips but our hearts are reprobate, our thoughts are sinful even in the midst of the mercy prayer. Therefore our many vigils, prayer and fasting, giving’s, which are geared towards material gains, will not save us from the current hardship, torment and persecutions that we are going to face between the year 2020 and the year 2023.

God has allowed these persecutions and tribulation to come upon us just like in the time when Israelites disobeyed him. God is a righteous judge He judges righteously therefore he cannot fight for us and not chastise us when we go astray. God has instructed us that the only salvation we will get from the doom that is to come upon this nation is to stand in righteousness.  He said he has allowed different form of hardships, suffering, fears, sickness, hunger, death, persecution to come upon us so that we may be brought back to him in righteousness.

He said the prayers of our spiritual leaders will not save us because so many of them have anchored their strengths in other gods they do not worship the true God but the god of mammon. Does it not amaze you Christians how idolatry have become the order of the day? Youths are proudly becoming the priest and priestesses of marine kingdoms, witchcraft practices  is a thing of boast nowadays, Christians have openly denied the power and worship of the one and only true God and are bowing down to thin gods. Do not be deceived God has allowed these things at this time for a reason. Therefore to run away from this great tribulation and anger of God upon Christians in Nigerian stand in righteousness.

God said he will cover those who stand in righteousness as a shepherd covers his flocks and the wickedness of the wicked will not see them. Let us not think that the incessant killings and death going on in Nigeria today is about religious or tribal wars, No!! No!! it is about the war between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light and our only armor is righteousness, therefore stand in righteousness, let it be your code, wear it like a garment and you will defeat the devil and his cohort for God Himself will come down in glory to defend those who worship Him in truth and righteousness.  Your church or Pastor would not save you, take a stock of your life and ask for grace to stand in righteousness without shaking.

Read Isaiah 13-11, Proverbs11-12, Numbers 21. May the good Lord bless us richly in Jesus name Amen.

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