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I have seen a norm that is like cancer eating up harvest in the church of Christ today.  It is only in Christendom that a suffering soldier of Christ is sent away to die in misery with his burden.

Today’s Christians are mostly made up of self-righteous people like the Pharisees of the old than compassionate people which Christ is. The Filthy Hypocrites are simply ‘dirty hypocrites’. They are everywhere in the church so sanctimonious yet so filthy how does they two even go together it beats my imagination I  know you might be asking yourself who these people are ? Just look around you in your church they are there majestically seated and watching like the hawks waiting for its prey.

They sit in their self-acclaimed judgment sits and judge others as if they are God judge and jury on earth.  They judge and watch with their eagle eyes when other members fail in adhering to any part of the doctrines, mandates and the ordinances of the church, even the character and behavior that their self-righteous souls have condemned.  Guess what, they will find a bible scripture to back up their claims but will never listen to what the spirit of God has to say.  They met out judgments to all that have trespassed in their self-righteous court. Remember what they bible says in Matthew Chapter 7 verse1-3,”judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judgeye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you”

They are found among some pastors, the ordained, church workers, pastors wife’s and even the self- righteous members. They are found in every section of the church and attend all church activities and meetings, they are the Methuselah’s of the church and commissions. They appear to be committed, devoted and know all the dogma of the church, they even put it first before their Christian fate.  Watch them, the take account of how expensive you dressings are, how you relate with others whether you are humble or proud, how you talk, your past and present life, where you work and your activities in the church, where you live and how you live, and your commitment to God. They can tell who is righteous and unrighteous even though that is the prerogative of God, yet they take on that responsibility and condemn and judge.

I called them filthy because even in their devotion and commitment they wear peacock pride as a cloak, right inside their self-righteousness is filthiness clothed with hatred, bitterness, envy, jealousy, gossip, and self-recognition.  If they are not heads of any group or committee, or nominated for ordination then the pastor and the church council are unrighteous. They even have the register of those qualified for God’s blessing and those who will make heaven and hell. The arrogance they seek in others are domiciled in them. Their heart is so black that if not for the merciful blood of Jesus it will never be washed clean.

You remember the adulterous woman and the healing Jesus performed on the Sabbath day the in the bible, they are the ones that condemned it. They do not only judge when you commit  sin like the adulterous woman, but they also judge when you do  good works like when Jesus healed on a Sabbath day. Why do you think they questioned the healing of the man with shriveled hands? So that their dogma be maintained and so does the filthy hypocrites in our churches today. They turn their sanctimonious eyes to the left and watch souls meant for the kingdom of God   walk out of faith to die in misery, depression and rejection.

Who made them judges, they are like cancers eating up the harvest. Galatians 6 verse 7 says” Do not be deceivedGod is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”  If you sow seeds of discord, bitterness, condemnation, jealousy, un-forgiveness you do not have the fruit of the spirit. Share the love of Christ, be compassionate as Christ was, quit being judgmental and condemning, correct in love and save souls for the kingdom of God. Remember Psalm 130:34 if you, LORD, kept a record of sinsLord, who could stand? But with you is forgiveness and so you are revered.” this means that there is none righteous not even one, if not for the precious blood of Jesus we will all be condemned. Let us admonish ourselves with these powerful habits and elevate our lives and that of others around us, Encourage instead of criticizing and Understand instead of judging


Kindly share with us if you have been affected by these set and how it affected your belief.  God bless you all!!!!

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