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A PAUSE WE ALL NEED TO TAKE (The Positives Take-away from the COVID-19)

There are so many things we have taken for granted as human, that we never realized were blessings from God and so it took Covid 19 for us to remember that these were blessings that were overlooked. When I begin to name them you will realize you owe God a trailer load of gratitude.

Negative news sells faster they say. I have tried relentlessly to understand why people prefer negativism to positivism and of a truth I tell you I have not been able to understand. I tried so hard not to write anything about this evil scourge because of so much negative news attached to it, since I do not want to sound like Job in the bible who said that what he feared most has come upon him so I decided to tow a different line of narrative “the positive take away from the Covid 19.  A lot of people would be wondering whether my brain functions from the other side, call it whatever you may I love positive news, I love seeing the good side of everything and that is what has kept me going in all.  Indeed it might be really difficult to point out what is good about this deadly virus ravaging the whole world but I beg to differ, because there are a lot of good lessons learnt from Covid 19, just hang on with me till the end then you will understand.

Most Christians are conversant with the hymn by Songwriters Johnson Oatman, Jr., and E. O. Excell “Count your blessings name them one by one” and  in reviewing this song God tube music says “Count Your Blessings” is a wonderful song to sing any day of the year as a reminder of the many blessings of God, even during hardships. You will feel joy and contentment after joining in with this hymn! I urge everyone to goggle the lyrics of the hymn. Christians sing it every day and enjoy the melody but do they really understand the lyrics of the song? I doubt.

There are so many things we have taken for granted as human, that we never realized were blessings from God and so it took Covid 19 for us to remember that these were blessings that were overlooked. When I begin to name them you will realize you owe God a trailer load of gratitude.

How many times have we ever thanked God for walking under the sun that is freely given without complaining that the sun is so scorching?  May be because we run  to our Air Conditioners for succor so we feel we have taken care of everything just because we bought them with our money and can switch it on whenever we like, we curse the gift of sunshine? It is so funny how people scamper for sunshine during this Covid 19 and bring their car windows down instead of using their car air conditioner. Do you find yourself in this group begin to tell God you are sorry and thank Him for the gift of sunshine.

Have we thanked God for the air we breathe so freely, unhindered by the mask we  now wear like astronauts, am sure we will all like to go back to those air we breathe so freely, now you can just quietly thank God for those days we overlooked.

Have we ever stopped to thank God for those visits, little hugs, handshake, smiles, laughter and conversations with our neighbors, friends, colleagues, acquaintances; did we even recognize that it was an essential part of living? No, it took Covid 19 to let us understand that those are essential part of human existence, which we took for granted.  The fact that we can get up, visit friends, relations and neighbors and return when we like is by our power and strength abi, but it took covid 19 lock down for us  to understand that it was a gift to mankind.

How about our religious activities we so freely attended and even complained that they are too much I bet we will give anything to resume our religious activities and worship freely like before now we know is a gift and we should thank God for such privileges.

How many times have we been able to thank God for organizing and being present at those weddings, birthday parties even funeral and ceremonies of all sorts we never thought it was a blessing we felt our money made it happen. But now we know. The part that resonates with me is that Covid 19 has cut down our ostentatious life style during such ceremonies and has taught us that ceremonies could be held with few people, without being brazenly flamboyant in our spending even cultures and social strata could not argue this.

So many people have failed to understand that the world is going virtual so it took Covid 19 to make them understand that good and genuine online business are necessary as side hustles, because the online businesses sustained most families during this season.  Most people who never gave a slight thought to it are seriously trying to engage in one now maka adighi amama ( in case of eventualities)

How many times have we thanked God for being able to afford and send our kids to school? Not considering the fact that they can go and mingle with their fellow students and come back healthy and strong, your guess is as good as mine. Some of us never saw it as a blessing from God even the ones that feels that teachers are not doing much, Now we can say we are indeed sorry God, now we know and would give anything for them to return back to schools.

Covid 19 made me understand that men still have the ability to love and show kindness, God has used the pandemic to teach us the greatest law “love your neighbor as yourself” I see a lot of people giving a helping hand here and there to the under privileged ones, is this not commendable.  Tell me how many estates that would have contributed money to feed the under privileged around them pro covid 19. They would have only seen them as hoodlums, but today the first concern of all is to keep them alive and safe is this not remarkable that we have now realized that we are first and foremost all humans.  Even food tasted better this period and wastage was minimized, is this not awesome?

People prayed and worshiped God like never before because now they remember that all men are equal before God and there is a God who rules in the affairs of men.

The funniest thing is that  our brothers living abroad or those who visited abroad during this period where busy hiding themselves like squirrels for fear of being tested for Covid 19 or stigmatized, especially those that came  from China, United States, United Kingdom  and other parts of Europe. Did you ever imagine that a day such as this will come? Nwanne onye mpompo vu tuo (those who are as proud as peacocks), nothing is worth raising your shoulders for, traveling to another man’s country is not a license to heaven just be grateful to God that you are able to travel whenever you want and realize that it is neither by your power nor strength rather a blessing from God. So next time you want to impress and splash those pictures all over social media think again.

Men have never appreciated life so much as now that people thought less of how to make money and more about how to be alive, how to feed their souls and take care of themselves. Even the busy roads of Lagos was as quiet and empty like runways, that animals can stroll freely and even do fashion parade through it; for once People in Lagos did not whine about traffic congestion.

Most families have not seen any reason to bond together whatsoever but yes Covid 19 made it compulsory and gave them a reason to do so and I bet you those families will never remain the same again.

We miss our families so much that we pray  we see them some day when all of these are over, are we not just realizing how important they are now. The number of lives lost every day whether true or fictitious have made us desired life more, appreciate it and decide to live it better some people even decided to become born again I pray it remains that way. Tell me what would ever make people remember these blessings we regard as small yet huge and they essence of life; none if you ask me. In all earnest I visualize people praise God more now than ever before.

We only ask God for this and that as Oliver Twist we do not know when to stop to say thank you for all these blessings.  In fact most of us has the audacity to ask God why He has not blessed us like others even when we still have breath in us; why did we not ask God to kill us now like those high and mightiest who lost their lives. This disease has no respect for the rich, poor, fame. Those very powerful people of this world who had money and fame but lost their lives during Covid 19, do they still bother about them now? If you have just realized that the greatest blessing is the blessing of life, begin to count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

Andrew Rinaldi in Godtube music also added “God truly gives us so many blessings each and every single day. Some may even be so small that we might overlook them. The classic hymn ‘Count Your Blessings’ truly reminds us to stop and give thanks for all that God has done in our lives. This is definitely a pause we all need to take.”

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  • Wooow! What an awesome write up. Thank you for reinvigorating the spirit of gratitude in us. Gratitude indeed brings more blessings and longevity. Oh Gracious Lord, I thank thee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its a wonderful note from ur table again Ma, Coronavirus disease 2019, its a big Eye-opener to us. The stampede it breeded is never fine, but in all; its working for our good. yes, because, a lot of adjustment would have to be in check,the things we do freely before now are now costly, Its a situation that has come to change so many mindsets and hence make us Fully and Deeply appreciate the things that were freely given to us by God.