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There are things in life you cannot find the nerve to talk about or share with someone else. These things are either a source of shame or very unpleasant to the ear or maybe that is what you imagine them to be.

Every individual has one or two, and they follow us about as a baggage.  They might be unpleasant secrets, mistakes, actions or experiences you had in the past. You carry them about even though you wish you could drop it or share with someone else to make the burden lighter.  The world we live in is filled with hypercritical and condemnatory people. So you lack the strength to share.

Many at times you might not be faulted for these, maybe you feel you should have done better, and so you blame yourself and feel that no one is willing to walk in your shoes.  You hide them and move everywhere with it, but I tell you they kill you faster and limit who you are.  I quite understand because every human being wants social acceptance and will run away from whatever that ostracizes him or her from other humans.

But the good news is that, the moment you realize that you are human, there is really no reason to carry those secrets around like baggage or heavy burden, because mistakes are what makes you human, perfection belongs only to God.  So the simplest thing to do when a baggage becomes heavy is to drop them.

Tips to Heal Fast

  • Talk to someone who you trust that is filled with compassion and has the ability to listen without This person might be your spiritual leader, a family member, a good friend or an acquaintance, a counselor of sort with a commendable pedigree some of them can be found in social networks. But don’t just go spinning your secrets to anyone, be sure the person possess all these qualities.
  • Accept your mistakes and strive hard not to repeat that very mistakes and move on.
  • Write about them using pseudo names you might be very surprised how lighter you become as you write. A lot of people love stories and you might be surprised how compassionate they will become not knowing the victim and they will even proffer useful solutions and advice to you.
  • Talk to God about them until He lightens your burden, isn’t that what religion should be all about, looking unto Him that has the monopoly of all solutions.
  • Do something to make amends for that burden you carry, no one needs to know why you are doing it but it will definitely help you to heal.
  • Lastly talk to us in it will come under our confessions no one needs to know who you are but when you read the comments you will discover that you are not the only one, other people have been there. You will learn from their mistakes and how they handled the matter. And as others learn from your mistake you will know longer see it as a mistake but something that has helped humanity.

Finally healing is therapeutic, it alleviates, relieves, lessens and ameliorate those issues.  You can decide to heal from those things or carry them about is your choice, but remember that life is too short to be saddled with baggage’s and happiness is a gift you give yourself.

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