What is Healthcare

Healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the preventive diagnosis and treatment of diseases, illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments in human being (Wikipedia). It can be said to be the organized provision of medical care to individual or community.  Which means that health just like other things needs to be looked after and cared for perhaps that is why we have the typical saying “ health is wealth” for it is only a healthy man that can make wealth or enjoy wealth for that matter.  Perhaps, that is why every country attempt to make their health care delivery a top priority.

Nigeria amongst other nation have listed their top priorities in health sector this year 2018.  It is important we know this as Nigerians so as to know how and where it benefits us. With reference to the Nigeria Health watch below are the top five priorities expected from Nigeria Health Sector in 2018.

Top Five Priorities expected  from Nigeria Health Sector According to Nigerian Health Watch

  • Making Progress toward Universal Health Coverage UHC.
    Universal Health Coverage” (UHC) should be uttermost in the mind of the health conscious Nigerian as a strategy that provides them and their neighbor better quality and affordable access to quality healthcare and avoiding out of pocket expenditure.
    It is advised that it is better to purchase health insurance for yourself and family than paying out of your pocket which is more expensive. You should also find out if your state has signed into Nigerian health insurance laws.
  • Advocacy for Polio Elimination
    Nigeria was declared polio free in 2014 but it reappeared in 2016. Polio vaccine is one of the key routine immunization for children in Nigeria. Pleaseensure your baby gets vaccinated.
  • Prioritizing Nutrition
    With the rate children die of malnutrition, funding of nutrition should be included in our states budgets.  Families should be aware of proper nutrition in order to reduce malnutrition.
  • Owning our HIV and care treatment program
    Nigeria carries the second largest burden of HIV in the continent, the government should carry out a population based HIV prevalence survey at sub national level in order to stop relying only on donors. With information from the survey report, the federal government should work directly with those affected by HIV.
  • Assuring our health security
    Let safe and hygienic practice become part of our lifestyle in order to prevent outbreaks of diseases. Thank you for reading please drop your comments and questions.

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