Victims of Heartbreak

This is a pre lude to a very sensitive topic which has been likened to death in all forms. I called it prelude because I would want to know the number of people who have been visited by this. So I will love to ask the following questions

Have you ever been Heartbroken

What was the reason for the Heartbreak

How was it dished out to you

Who was responsible for this heartbreak

What were your thoughts when this happen

How where you able to get it over it

To help the couple I will talk about later I would like us to answer the following question. Please I would love the answers in your own terms so that we can look at it from different perspective.

This question is for both single and married.  Heartbreaks can come not only from loved ones but from family members and friends although they can be termed loved ones.


This is going to be interesting and intriguing so lets go. 

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